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YARA Lady of the Spirits and Animas.

Welcome back, this is my 5th post about our favorite Venezuelan Goddess. This occasion is to bring more clarity on her role as Lady of the Spirits & Animas for those attending my upcoming class ' MARÍA LIONZA: GODDESS OF WITCHES '. Maria Lionza, Lady of the spirits and souls. The cult of the indigenous goddess Yara de la Onza or Maria Lionza in Venezuela, the same spiritualist cult that has spread to other countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, ultimately transcends the comprehension of those occultists and sorcerers who do not reside there. Maria Lionza is cited in a few books. Most define her as a Venezuelan indigenous legend, a female spirit of native origin, or a "local goddess" of spirits and nature. In Venezuela, Maria Lionza is all of these definitions and more. She is a high magic spiritual entity that assists all those who feel isolated, unappreciated, belittled, marginalized, and mistreated. She and all those who oppose the ideas of the system br

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